Goa is rated as one of the best places in the world for adventure sports enthusiasts. The climate is near perfect for most of the year and the sea remains calm, which makes it ideal for water sports such as water skiing, scuba diving and water scooters. The ideal season for adventure in Goa is the time from October to April.

Beach Sports in Goa

Most of the beaches in Goa apart from being renowned for their abundant natural beauty also offer plenty of enthralling water sports. You can look forward to having the time of your life in Goa. The beaches also offer plenty of opportunities for the kids.

Parasailing in Goa

This is one of the most popular adventure sport in which a person hangs from a parachute, which is tied to the back of a speedboat with the help of a rope. As the boat gains speed the person is lifted up in the air.

Water Skiing in Goa

It is a tough sport but can be extremely enjoyable after you get a hold of it. One end of a rope is tied to the back of a speedboat while the other end is held by the skier who stands on a small surfboard. One should know how to swim in order to try this sport.

Scuba Diving in Goa

One of the newest adventure sports on the circuit, it allows you to get up-close with the marine life. Goa is a hot destination for scuba diving as the sea here is calm and visibility is better than some of the other places.

Sea Fishing in Goa

Goa is the ideal place for a laidback fishing vacation. The hundreds of kilometers long coastline offers plenty of fishing spots where you can try fishing and angling with your family. You can expect to catch fish like soormai, mullet and salmon.

Water Scooters in Goa

It is rated as one of the most thrilling water sport, which involves moving through the sea at extremely high speeds. The scooters are simple to handle but an instructor is usually sent along to guide the rider.